About Us

With more than 20 years experience in operating overnight cruise in Halong Bay, Sealife Group, formerly Huong Hai Halong was known as one of the most reputable and traditional oriented Halong cruise brand name. With the slogan “True experience”, Sealife Group head to the authentic experience for each guest cruising with our fleet. Without any diffuse philosophy and big idea of vision, Sealife Group enchants our partners and guests with the “true experience” with the deeply understanding of local destination and the basic story of Halong Bay cruise.

On board our cruise fleet, travellers not only a “tourist” but also a “valued guests” who we warmly welcome to our home, our beloved land of hidden culture story. It’s the inspiration for the name “Sealife” came from. A cruise with us is more than a tour, it’s an close encouter to the vivid “life” on the “sea” – the elegant water of Gulf of Tonkin.

Sealife Group is now owning three cruise brands with varied standard from mid-range to luxury including Huong Hai Sealife Cruise (1 ship), Sealife Legend Cruises (a pair luxury ship) and Sealife Cruises (2 ships at midrange standard are coming soon in 2019).


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