The sad story of the poor urban environmental killed by a drunken driver on April 22nd, 2019 in Hanoi was talked about much these days and written on the Vietnam’s press. The story touched our hearts due to the victim severe life, which was sympathized by the community. Sealife Group’s Board of Director representatives made a visit to her house nestled in a small alley of Hanoi. We come to share with her family the huge sadness and misery.

At 23:30 in the April 22nd, when cleaning and collecting garbage on Lang Street with other female workers, Ms. Le Thi Thu Ha (42 years old, urban environmental worker) died afterbeing hit by a drunk middle-aged man traveling at high speed. The driver tried to escape and just stopped moving when the engine died. The driver showed an unconscious expression and a strong smell of alcohol.

Every night when we finish our lesson, we will be waiting for our mother to come back, but now that we have no longer opportunities to wait her one of her two son said in tears. Ms. Ha raised two children and a sick mother on her own by driving Grab Bike everyday. When the sun goes down, she began collecting the garbage and only came home when all people had slept and the street was no longer noisy by transport vehicles. All we can see is her family grieving the loss of their daughter, mother and sister, that they said never should have happened. Lying in a cramped house, her elderly mother was curling up on the bed and mourning when she couldn’t plan her daughter’s funeral because of her high blood pressure.

Shock, numbness, denial, anger, sadness, and despair are the feelings her family cycles through after the loss of a loved one. These emotions can persist in varying degrees for many months afterward. Most people experience these feelings in stages that occur in no particular order, but diminish in intensity over time. An action causes a result. Let’s join us in sharing and condemning irresponsible drivers in today’s society.

As Sealife Group has being grown, our mission also spreads out in helping community, protecting the environment, and developing the local economy. That’s why Sealife Foundation is founded so that those actions are widen out. Recently, Sealife Group has made an attempt to conserve the environment, sustain the well-being of the local people. Sealife Group has been an active member of IUCN to join the project of protecting Cat Ba – Halong Bay.

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