Night squid fishing in Halong Bay on our cruise Sealife

Night squid fishing in Halong Bay is one of the most unique and exciting experiences.

Does squid fishing need patience and difficulty as fishing? The answer is NO. Squid fishing is simple, not hard as you think.

Night squid fishing is very simple, the travelers only need a small bamboo needle and a hook. The squid will be attracted by the light, so the thing we need to do is drop the needle and wait for. What more interesting in the night squid experience is the travelers can enjoy their own booty. After traveler caught the squid, please bring it to the kitchen, ask the chef to steamed the squid for you. 

squid fishing activity when join into cruise

fresh squid in bay

In another hand, the number of squids also depends on weather conditions. The ideal time for squid fishing is in the winter or winter nights, when the temperature drops to a low, cold, squid will go to the east, easier to catch. In the Summer, the traveler can also squid in the night, but please remember to choose the day without the moon will get more squid.

What are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the squid!




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