Hoa Cuong Cave, located in Gia Luan commune, nestled inside Cat Ba Reserve Biosphere is a pristine cave attracting tourist not only by its natural beauty but also the historical feature.  As its name “Hoa Cuong” which means “Flowers of stone” is famous for its inherent natural beauty and stalactites sparkling like diamond that makes people get amused.  Sealife Legend Cruises’ guests will visit Hoa Cuong Cave on the second day of 2-day-1-night cruise itinerary and 3-day-2-night cruise itinerary with Sealife Legend Cruise.  It takes about 6 minutes to transfer from Gia Luan port to the cave by shuttle bus. The route of driving from the port to Hoa Cuong Cave is described as beautiful as a picture with a green valley, rice fields, lush mountains and peaceful paths. Travellers love the walking path leading to the cave, which is shaded by lychee and mango trees.  From the first time disembark the tender at Gia Luan Park, any traveller fall in love with the idyllic Cat Ba Island, the lovely land of biodiversity.  Entering the cave entrance, you encounter a quiet space surrounded by exotic stalactites and stalagmites. The cool and fresh air inside the cave offers comfort for visitors even on hot summer days. As other caves in Cat Ba Island, Hoa Cuong Cave has its own history during the war time in Vietnam in 1970s, when most of the caves were used as shelters.

Hoa Cuong Cave has several chambers leading visitors from surprise to surprise. Once exploring the cave and witness exotic fomations of stones, you would definitely feed your passion of discovering the nature.  Hoa Cuong Cave is also famous for a special red crab species living here and appear when it’s raining, It looks very special with the red cover different from common crabs found in Vietnam.   Most visitors find amazed by the fact that the stalactites and stalagmites are still forming every day, and the cave is still “alive” by developing day by day thanks to the water stream running inside the cave.  Following the guide of Sealife Legend Cruises, you will be told impressive story of the history, and witness the fossil of the old Vietnamese bone since 4000 years ago.

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