If you are tired of everyday urban life, take a cruise to a prinstine bay and join our visit to caves hidden in mountains to find some peace in mind. In the Bai Tu Long – Halong Bay route of Huong Hai Sealife Cruise, visitors will visit Thien Canh Son Cave, an unspoiled cave in the Cong Do Conservation Area, Bai Tu Long Bay, which is a new attraction for Vietnamese and foreign tourists, featuring the natural beauty of pristine limestone stalactites. To access the cave, visitors have to climb up to about 100 stone steps, but after climbing to a certain height, it’s worth your trying with spectacular bird-eye view to the whole bay. This is a favorite view from which photographers and travelbloggers take photo of the green bay. Thien Canh Son Cave is not as big as the wellknown Surprising Cave (Sung Sot Cave) in the centre of Halong Bay. However, Thien Canh Son is truely a pristine cave which has not affected by people much. The entire ceiling looks shining as being covered with thousands of glittering stalactites, dome wavy creates unique images: the stone statues, stone dragons and flowers are likely to make an ideal world.

The entrance to the cave is small and unassuming, looking at it from the outside lends no hand in picturing what is held within. The cave welcomes you really adventurously and misteriously. You’ll need to duck down slightly so as not to hit your head on the low entrance, and then follow the downward sloping path into the first cavern. Thien Canh Son Cave is comprised of three chambers in total, each one strewn with stalactites and stalagmites. Like the formation of the cave itself, stalagmites were formed millions of years ago in various shapes. No doubt when you visit Thien Canh Son Cave you’ll be told about the collection of stalagmites that resembles a baby elephant, or a turtle upon your imagination. How magical the nature is! The local guide will tell you a short brief of the history of the cave, related to local sea life. Take your time explore every corner of the cave, listen to interesting stories by the humourous guide from Sealife Cruise.




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