Cua Van Fishing Village - The world’s most picturesque villages

Halong Bay’s magnificent view has become renowned throughout the world nowadays, causing thousands of tourists to visit the bay every single year. But dating back to hundreds of years ago, Halong Bay has been populated by small local communities living on floating villages concealed in the middle of the karst, sunken mountains. That is how Cua Van becomes one of the primeval fishing villages in Viet Nam. 

About Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van Fishing Village located in the heart of Ha Long Bay – a UNESCO world natural heritage twice. For many years, Cua Van fishing village (Hung Thang ward) has become an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. 

Cua Van fishing village originated from two ancient fishing villages, Giang Vong and Truc Vong, together with the islands, becoming a part of Ha Long Bay, now in Hung Thang ward (Ha Long City). Cua Van fishing village is currently inhabited by 176 households, with over 750 inhabitants, most of whom live on fishing.


Initially, Cua Van built as a spot for returning anglers to sell their fresh catch from the night before, Cua Van became a community quite quickly. Since then, individuals lived, ate, slept, worked, celebrated, and even went to class on these small, independent floating towns. 

These are resilient individuals, unfettered by modern-day issues, living out lives that are minimally changed by the progression of time. The towns have houses, shops, schools, and even police headquarters. Their vessels and houseboats fastened together to give security and soundness when tested by elements. 

How to get to Cua Van Fishing Village? 

Cua Van Fishing Village is located six hours from Hanoi. The 700-person village is stunning, thanks to the teal water, colorful raft houses, limestone hills, and winding streets. There are many ways to get to Cua Van village, but the most popular way is starting the journey from Hanoi to Quang Ninh province in 4 hours by bus, taxi, or limousine.

After that, visitors can buy canoe tickets to go straight to Cua Van floating village. Another way to visit the village is by choosing the overnight cruises on the bay. Tourists can easily explore by cross-kayaking or canoeing the village themselves. 

Things to do in Cua Van Fishing Village


Kayaking around Cua Van fishing village, visitors not only immerse themselves in the quiet, peaceful, and charming space, and learn about the local culture of fishers but also were directly guided by fishing villagers, instructing how to rowboats, spread nets, drop fishing.

Rowing on bamboo boat 

One of the must-try activities when exploring Cua Van fishing village is rowing on a bamboo boat. Each bamboo boat can only sit from 4 to 6 people. During that time, visitors are free to immerse themselves in the fresh air of the sea, take pictures and film of the amazing landscape around the village or chat with the enthusiastic fishermen about their daily life.

Visit “Cua Van Floating Museum”

Cua Van Floating Museum is a place built by the local government with the purpose of preserve cultural values through reappearing, displaying fishing utensils and artifacts of fishermen for thousands of years. Exploring this center, visitors can learn and see hundreds of archaeological artifacts, tools, and means of fishing of ancient Vietnamese people.

A day experience as a fisherman

When night falls, visitors can take a boat tour around the village, with fishers dragging nets, squid fishing. Following the fishing villages, under the moonlight, visitors can delight in fun and suspense to watch the funny shapes moving on the rocky mountains. The most exciting thing is when tourists hand catch fishes and shrimps with fishnets into the basket, take them to process by themselves, enjoy the seafood they caught.

The night fishing village festivals, or weddings, visitors can also hear fishers sing teaser, cheo line (a form of performance with many folk songs endemic to Ha Long Bay). 

Cua Van fishing village with thousands of years of idyllic beauty will be an ideal place to get away from the busy city. The beauty, the wild, the subtlety of Cua Van Fishing Village is not expressed by a few words, come and experience it with your own eyes!

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