5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Halong Bay in January

Halong Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. And travelers worldwide favorite, wants to at least once in their lifetime. Halong Bay in Spring, especially in January is one of the most favourite places in Northen Vietnam.

Halong Bay Weather in January pleasant climate

The weather in Ha Long in January is not as hot as in summer but not too cold as in winter. In the spring, the temperature ranges from 19 to 24 degrees Celsius and the humidity is much lower. This creates the perfect climate for many Halong’s outdoor activities including rock climbing, biking, kayaking or hiking.

Picturesque scenery

In the spring, Ha Long Bay becomes more attractive than ever when orchids bloom, fresh air, comfort and perfect temperature. The ancient caves are covered with a mysterious but mysterious fog, creating an enchanting picture for people to watch especially at sunrise and sunset.


Not too crowded

Vietnam’s tourism peaks in the summer, so Ha Long in spring is less crowded. Coming to Ha Long on a beautiful spring day, you will discover Ha Long in your own way and save those memorable moments in the most perfect photos.


More affordable

Because of the lack of the travel industry, costs are regularly lower than different occasions of the year, making a few choices progressively reasonable.

Tips for travelers in Halong Bay in January

In case you’re considering what to pack: you should carry some warmer garments with you during this season. You might not end up needing them but better to be safe than sorry. Just because the air temperature feels cooler does not mean the sun’s rays are not strong; remember to pack sunscreen to avoid getting burned.


The cooler temperatures that accompany the Halong Bay climate in January are perfect for getting dynamic and exploring the encompassing regions. It’s still warm enough to enjoy spending time outdoors and not be cold.

January is perfect for a fantastic time for leisure travel so do not miss the chance to admire Halong Bay up-close during this time of the year. In conclusion, Halong Bay is worth visiting in January. If you still considering, please contact us via Sealifegroup.com.

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