Halong Bay Weather in April

The Halong Bay climate in April gives us that summer is headed, and unquestionably perhaps the greatest month to visit Halong Bay. Goodbye to the cold and desolate long stretches of Winter cause the best period of the year is coming to heat up your spirit.

This post will reveal to you all that you have to think about what you can anticipate from the Halong Bay climate in April, including monthly averages for temperature, daylight, moistness, and precipitation. You’ll also see the activities of traveling Halong Bay in April, as well as some exclusive insider tips for visiting at this time of year. 

Weather in April 


Experience the most delightful moment of Spring before the climate change fundamentally in the next months. Each season is remarkable however spring invites travelers with a major warm embrace. In April, Halong’s atmosphere kept on heating up when the day by day normal is around 23°C with highs of up to 28°C dependent on the record. During April, vacationers can expect as long as 13 hours of sunlight and clear blue skies to expand the great long day of spring break.


The warm weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, especially when it involves taking a dip in the water (April sea temperatures are around 29 degrees).

Rainfall and Humidity

There are no more cold days of February or drizzle in March, April begins to have warm sunshine on the gulf. The Halong Bay weather in April is still generally quite dry compared to the upcoming summer months, but travelers can expect around 60mm over an average of 13 days. 


The April mugginess levels don’t move from the 75% found in March. This is still moderately low contrasted and the 90% dampness levels that are regular in Halong Bay.

Things to do in Halong Bay in April 

Swimming in Halong Bay

Nothing could be more refreshing than swimming and admiring the incredible Halong Bay islands in April. Travelers of all ages can enjoy this activity, which you can do directly off your boat (depending on location) or from one of several small beaches. The stunning scenery of sheer mountain cliffs rising out of the bay makes an ideal backdrop to water-based activities. The water temperature is perfect for this activity.  


Anyone who loves the beauty of Halong Bay should consider kayaking as a must-try activity. Sitting on a tiny kayak, paddling in the blue water, wriggling into the cave, or touching the stalactites, .. what’s more amazing! 


Halong Bay has perfect conditions for kayaking as the seas are calm and the visibility is excellent. 

Take a cycling tour 

Cycling is an outboard activity which is more relaxing in the laid back atmosphere of Halong Bay. Cycling is one of the must-do activities when comes to Halong Bay, especially before the weather gets too hot in the summer. 


The most popular area to organize cycling is the “isolated oasis” Viet Hai Village, located approximately 18 kilometers from Cat Ba Island and belonging to the core of Cat Ba National Park. Surrounded by high mountains, thick jungles, and vast ocean, Viet Hai is absolutely separated from the outside world. 

Cycling in the village, travelers will have a great opportunity to enjoy the truly airy ambiance, visit old houses, take pictures of forest trees, and admire natural scenery.

Tips for travelers coming to Halong Bay in April

  • Attempt to avoid going ahead the last days of April which is the point at which the Vietnamese national occasion is on. There will, in general, be enormous groups and the price would be so high. 
  • Pack a bathing suit! You won’t miss the chance to take a dip into the water
  • Remember to wear sunscreen, the April sun can affect you pretty much in case you’re intending to be outside throughout the day.

Nothing could show signs of improvement than Spring with outside air, sprouting blossoms, and daylight. Spring is the start of all season and a perfect time to start another experience. Before the mid-year jams flood in, gather your backpacks and head to Halong Bay to see one of the world’s most attractive destinations in the Gulf of Tonkin. To sum up, if you are considering where to go to Vietnam this April, Halong Bay is not a bad choice! 

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