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From 25-27 August, 2019, Sealife Group was glad to join with Hanoi Old Quarter Tourism Business Association (HOTBA) in a meaningful charity project that raising fund and granting essential items for poor children and teachers at Ban Khoang elementary school, located in an extremely rural area in Sapa, Lao Cai province, Northern Vietnam.


The harsh living and teaching condition at Ban Khoang school truely touched the sympathetic hearts of HOTBA’s members, which was inspiring us to take action for the poor community. Everyday, children from the age of 5 to 12 have to come over a lot of natural ostacles, rough mountains, severe highland climate to approach their little rustic school for their studying.


The charity group including HOTBA’s members delivered all helpful and necessary items to the children despite hard-approached location.


Witnessing the innocent children’s eyes, listenting to various dilfficulties of local teachers, sharing with them the touching stories of everyday going to school, we understand our great goals of charity project. It not only supported the local community by materials but also mentally inspired and strenthened.


Sealife Group was happy to left our “footprints of charity” at a rural Northern area of Vietnam, as one of continuous projects of Sealife’s Foundation framework.


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