Lan Ha Bay – “Forgotten Paradise” is one of the most beautiful bays of Vietnam. Lan Ha Bay is supposed to be the second Halong Bay of Vietnam because of the charming and wild scenery close to nature here. If you are planning a trip to Lan Ha Bay, be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime with Sealife Cruises’ tips!

Introducing Lan Ha Bay

Located in the South of Ha Long Bay and East of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay has become a popular destination in recent times. The archipelago is larger than 7000 hectares, possessing over 400 large and small islands with unexploited beaches. The attraction of Lan Ha Bay is the pristine beauty, tranquil space that is very suitable as a destination for those who want to find new space to relax. Besides, traveling to Lan Ha Bay, you also have the opportunity to visit the Cua Van fishing village and Cai Beo fishing village to explore the daily life of the fishermen here.

The ideal time to travel Lan Ha Bay

Weather plays an important role in planning the right time to travel. Lan Ha Bay is embracing passengers throughout the year, but July till September is often not recommended due to the unsuitable weather and storms that impede your plans. 

However, the best time to travel is from November to April when the weather is dry, cooler and stable so you will have more freedom to do outdoor activities. November and March/ April are the impeccable time with balanced temperature fluctuation.


Tickets to visit Lan Ha Bay

To visit Lan Ha Bay, you must come to Cat Ba Island. From the center of Cat Ba Island, take a taxi to Beo wharf, then buy a scenic ticket for VND 80,000 and board a train to visit Lan Ha Bay with the boat price ranging from VND 1,200,000 – 1,500,000 / tour paired boat.

In addition, motorboats are also a means of transportation to Lan Ha Bay, which many people choose, only about 500,000 VND / boat, suitable for traveling in small groups. You can both save costs, travel conveniently, and have extremely interesting experiences.


Some fascinating destinations in Lan Ha Bay

Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island attracts visitors by its pristine features, four natural surfaces, and an enchanting and mysterious sea.


Monkey Island

To get to Monkey Island, tourists will take a boat from Beo wharf, about 10 minutes through Cai Beo village and some small islands. Previously, Monkey Island was called Cat Dua (Pineapple) Island because there are many pineapple trees on the island. Currently, the name of the island is called Monkey Island because on the island there are more than 20 monkeys released by the management of Cat Ba National Park here.


Van Boi Beach

This is a destination chosen by tourists to kayak as well as swim because it is located in the calm part of the bay, which has green water, and beautiful landscapes.


Luon Cave

Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon Island, in front of the cave is Con Rua Islet, to the right is Heaven Gate. Here cliffs stand up, the four seasons of clear blue water are like a mirror. The cave always attracts visitors not only by its unique shape but also by its harmonious natural beauty.


Staycation in Lan Ha Bay

Hotels in Cat Ba 

Lan Ha Bay is located on the island, so the hotel system is quite small and not too diverse, finding accommodation near the bay is very difficult. You can refer to some motels, cheap hotels, beautiful views on Lan Ha Bay with the price range from 150,000 VND to 500,000 VND. In addition, Lan Ha Bay is quite close to Cat Ba island, so you can also choose to stay at hotels.


Lan Ha Bay Resort

  • Monkey Island Resort: If you want to experience the quiet Lan Ha Bay, have comfortable picnic seats, watch the quiet stretching beach, you cannot miss Monkey Island Resort at Monkey Island. This is a peaceful place worth exploring.

Address: Cat Dua Beach 2, Cat Dua Island (also known as Monkey Island), located about 2km to the East of Cat Ba Town

The lowest reference room price is about 700,000 VND / night


  •  Overnight cruise

If you want to experience the spectacular natural beauty of Lan Ha Bay, you should not miss the 5-star cruise option. Book a tour of Lan Ha Bay, you will be able to visit the whole bay in a completely new way when eating, playing, sleeping, participating in many exciting activities right on the cruise. 

Sealife Cruise is proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of overnight boat business in Ha Long Bay. With 20 years of experience, Sealife Cruise will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.


What to eat when traveling to Lan Ha Bay?

The seafood here is very diverse, especially such as crabs, shellfish, lobsters, etc. However, the special delicacies that you cannot miss when coming to Lan Ha Bay are grilled lobster in egg sauce, roasted salted crab, blanched lobster. 


Activities at Lan Ha Bay

Cycling in Viet Hai village

Viet Hai Ancient Village is a small fishing village, located in Cat Ba National Park, Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong. Viet Hai village has a pristine setting, almost without the influence of human hands. Visitors here can leisurely trek or rent bicycles to sightseeing, explore the life of indigenous people. In particular, you can make a trekking trip through Cat Ba national forest or simply bike around the village, feel the fresh air here.



It will be a great experience when you are in Lan Ha Bay, sailing by yourself through the small islands. The boat takes you to the foot of the rocky mountains, watching the mountains with unique shapes and enjoying quiet space. Moreover, if you want to have dashing photos, you should absolutely embark on this activity. 



Sure! It is impossible to go to such beautiful tranquil beaches without immersing in the clear blue water, lying on the white sandy beach, beneath the blue poplar rows, enjoying the cool breeze. You can enjoy swimming to admire the beauty of the 



Tips when traveling Lan Ha Bay

  • The weather in Lan Ha Bay is quite cold at night, so you should prepare a jacket. You may not use it but better safe than sorry. 
  • If you intend to go to Lan Ha Bay in the summer, don’t forget to bring sunscreen when you go to the beach and a mosquito spray.
  • Be careful with an enticement to squid fishing. If you are not sure, usually, the price will be 500,000 VND / 6 people to go fishing and loot can be brought to processing or directly eat by squeezing lemons or dipping them with mustard.
  • The price of services in Cat Ba is quite expensive, if you intend to use the service, please consult in advance to ensure not to be purchased at a high price.
  • Cat Ba’s tourism usually peaks in the summer, mainly Vietnamese and Asian visitors. So, to make sure room availability and avoid increase service prices, you should book in advance if you intend to travel to Lan Ha Bay.


In comparison to the core Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is not as popular as a travel option, and not many cruises from Halong City’s ports head to this amazing bay. However, the enticing beauty of Lan Ha Bay has been more and more cosmopolitan and attracts visitors all around the world. Don’t miss out on this must-see destination! 


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