In the context of the respiratory disease caused by Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which is trending to spread rapidly in China, to ensure safe travel for tourists, Sealife Group has quickly implemented the solution for epidemic prevention.

It is very tragic that Coronavirus is spreading across Asia, which has been influencing the travel industry right now in Vietnam. Lately, Vietnam has declared that no visa will be allowed for Chinese citizenship to Vietnam and numerous Vietnamese aircraft quit traveling to China including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, and so on. 

Sealife Group, as one of the very first cruises in Ha Long, knows about this and might want to thank travelers who have not canceled their excursion to Ha Long with Sealife.

What is Coronavirus and Why should you pay attention to prevention?

Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) is a new respiratory virus that causes acute respiratory infections in humans and is rapidly spreading from person to person. Up to now, published data show that there have been nearly 45,000 infected people worldwide, including more than 44,000 Chinese, and more than 1000 have died till 12/2/2020. 


The virus has been identified as originating from an outbreak of a large market specializing in seafood and animals in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Coronavirus first appears in animals, later being able to spread from person to person through contact with the infected body fluids.

Vietnam is a very high risk of a major outbreak due to its long border with China, tourists, Chinese laborers in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese workers in China. Therefore, the Sealife Group has actively taken many drastic measures to prevent and control diseases.

Sealife Group prioritizes the prevention of Coronavirus

According to recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, due to the complicated disease epidemic caused by Coronavirus and lack of a vaccine to prevent the disease, Sealife Group has strengthened surveillance and control. leaflets about diseases, ways to prevent viruses and their manifestations, in order to ensure the health of tourists and employees of the Group.


Spray all boats and Cruise Center with Chloramin-25% which is water chemical to remove and prevent the virus.

During this time, Sealife Group constantly updated new information, closely following the prevention of Coronavirus in accordance with the direction of the Government, Ministries, Departments, Branches, and localities, actively propagandizing for promote the roles and responsibilities of a pioneer in protecting the health and interests of the community and the business itself.


In the context of the disease situation caused by Coronavirus is complicated, Sealife Cruises have urgently implemented measures to help travelers prevent infection since January 31 such as:

1) Spray all boats and Cruise Center with Chloramin-25% which is water chemical to remove and prevent the virus.

2) Body temperature checkpoint is set up at Cruise Center and any guests who have a high temperature that is likely to get affected will not allow cruising. We will contact the nearest medical center to take medical action.

3) Hand Sanitizer is provided at our Cruise Center and public area on board for free use.

4) We will not serve fresh food and vegetable at this period.

5) The daily mask is available onboard upon any passenger’s request.

6) Sealife Group ensures that all staffs who serve guests onboard have temperature checks and have good health conditions before boarding time.  


Spray all boats and Cruise Center with Chloramin-25% which is water chemical to remove and prevent the virus.

Let’s protect our health and our society! Please comply with regulations and recommendations of the Ministry of Health; Do not use untrue information; Encourage good work, condemn negative behavior. Vietnam is determined to defeat the nCoV Coronavirus! 

We hope that the disease will be stopped and people who have been affected will be cured soon so everything will back to normal. 

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