Sealife Group organizes professional First Aid Class for all staffs | SEALIFE LEGEND CRUISES HALONG | OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF SEALIFE GROUP

On 19 June, Sealife Group organized a first aid class for all the staffs at Hong Ngoc Hospital, Hanoi. After the class, the employees have improved their knowledge and skills on first aid to deal with frequent accidents.

Besides focusing on developing cruise products and improving services quality, the company also focuses on training employees with basic, professional skills and periodic service appraisal. The professional first aid class at Hong Ngoc hospital is among various useful training courses of Sealife Group.

All the managers and staffs has joined to the class. Among the cruises operating on the bays, Sealife Group is known as a responsible and methodical operator, always putting the safety of customers on the top.

During the class, Sealife Group’s staffs were trained in theoretical and practical knowledge about stroke, emergency breathing, respiratory failure, electric shock and emergency injury. These are all easily encountered accidents in daily trips that employees need to properly know the first aid methods in order to avoid serious consequences. After finishing the first aid course, Sealife Group staffs received the prestigious certificates of Hong Ngoc Hospital.

The professional first aid class has been successful, contributing to improving the quality of health care services for customers and employees. Besides bringing great experiences, Sealife Group also hopes every trip will be a safe journey for customers.












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