Sealife Legend Cruises are among the newest and the most luxury metal ships operating in the peaceful Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay, Vietnam. The Sealife Legend 1 was launched in October 2018 and the Sealife Legend 2 has just been launched in June 2019. As the latest generation of overnight cruises on Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, Sealife Legend offers complete safety and security standard for flawless journey of guests.

Reliable Cruise Safety Measures

For your own comfort and safety, the cruise ship is well-equipped by fire detector system, certificated by local authorities. Each cruise cabin is connected to the integrated boat-wide alarm system, and is equipped with a fire extinguisher, hammer, flashlight and life jackets.
On the sundeck of Sealife Legend Cruise ship store big lifebuoys enough for up to 80 guests (more than the capacity of the cruise).

Experienced And Well-Trained Crew

All cruise ships of Sealife Group’s fleet are commanded by an experienced captain with more than 10 years conducting big cruise ships, and manned by a professional deck crew and cruise Staff. As one of the most reputed cruise operator in Vietnam, Sealife Group oganizes excellent regularly training and rehearsal for onboard staff and officers.
All the crew are trained for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and dealing with emergencies. Refresher training sessions and live drills are conducted every 6 months. Cruise ships are fitted with professional marine safety equipment: VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm system and fire extinguishers.

Mr. Tran Xuan Giang – Captain

25 years working on the boats, 17 years working at Sealife Group, Mr. Tran Xuan Giang is one of the most experienced captains working on Halong Bay overnight cruises. He started to lead travel junks since the very first day at early 1990s. He has been watching the rapid change of Halong Bay tourism and for decades, he is truely the cherished father of the cruises. He is called the master of a cruise vessel, very experienced in analyzing speed, weather conditions and other factors that affect a ship’s navigation, while controlling a staff of officers.

Mr. Bùi Huy Thảo – Deputy Captain

The man “conquering the sea” is the nickname people call Mr. Thảo as he spent most of his life to conduct big ships through Vietnam’s coasts. Starting his career on transporation vessels in South China Sea, Mr. Thảo understands about the waves and the vast of oceans and has much experience in acting with bad weather and other natural condition.
Since working at Sealife Group, Mr. Thảo has enjoyed the life onboard a travel cruise. He always welcome guests into his captain cabin with warm hospitable smile.

Mr. Tran Van Hoang – Captain

Born in 1984, Mr. Hoang is the youngest captain at Sealife Group, however, he is the most favourite captain according to Sealife’s guests with 17 years engaged with Sealife Group, since 2002. Sharing about his work onboard, Mr. Hoang said that Sealife Cruise is his second home to witness milestones of his life. The safety of guests is his first and only concern during each voyages.

Maintenance And Dry-Dock Schedule

Sealife Legend Cruises assure high-quality under professional daily technical supervision and ongoing maintenance schedules. Each ship undergoes regular monthly review and annual dry-docking to ensure all aspects of seaworthiness and the good condition of accommodations. Each ship is inspected by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly.


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